DiscTrak System is a home entertainment database cataloging program for LaserDisc, Compact Disc, Video Tape, Cassette Tape and Record Albums. It is designed for keeping track of personal collections.
New Version
Correction for a minor Year 2000 issue

DiscTrak System v8.20a Requirements
286 or higher CPU
MS-DOS Version 3.3 or Greater
2mb System Memory
Color Monitor
Hard Drive
Any computer capable of running Windows 95

To download the evaluation version of DiscTrak System (514,822 bytes), simply click on the name.

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The current version of DiscTrak System is 8.20a

The program is fully featured and will allow an evaluation period of 45 days (not calender days, but actual days of use). After this time, DiscTrak System will require registration. Continued use of the program requires a registration fee of $25.

Updated: March 2, 2000
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