Review by: Ty Chamberlain
The CLD-1010 is a totally solid state player with a CCD Time Base Corrector. It also incorporates the same, superior analog video noise reduction circuitry that is contained in the LD-W1 and the Pioneer Elite LD-S1. The player incorporates Video Noise Coring, which eliminates video noise (snow) in dark parts of the picture. This is of tremendously benefit with playing DiscoVision discs. The player also incorporates a RED laser of 6228 Pioneer CLD-1010 Angstroms which is capable of incredibly tight focus, excellent noise rejection and the red color makes most scratches and blemishes on the surface of the disc invisible to the photo diode system.

The CLD-1010, as with all Laser Diode based players, scans to either CHAPTER 0 or FRAME 0 to start playback. On DiscoVision discs where the frames start early will you see the entire opening bumper. Otherwise, you miss it. Not a big loss really if you just want to watch a movie.

In terms of audio, the CLD-1010 doesn't fare so well. With each successive generation of Pioneer LaserDisc player, the analog FM audio seems to get worse. The sound is pumped in the midrange, giving voices and music a "cardboard" or "boxy" quality. Extreme treble is rolled off substantially, making it sound like bad FM radio. Deep bass is also noticeably absent, with the upper bass range, 80 Hz or so, emphasized. Voices take on a chesty character. One benefit of the rolled off treble is that on DiscoVision titles with lots of audio noise (Snap, Crackle and Pop), the noise is substantially reduced. Discs that had so much audio noise as to be unlistenable on other players can be quite agreeable on the CLD-1010. This is especially useful on music titles such as ABBA or LORETTA.

Red Diode Laser for superior tracking
Video Noise Reduction
Video Noise Coring
Excellent Crosstalk Rejection
Poor analog audio
Will not play opening bumper on most DV discs
May get stuck in LD or CD mode

Updated: November 17, 1998
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