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The DiscoVision System
DiscoVision's new optical videodisc and player represent the most advanced communications system available today for business, government, education and medicine.
    The system combines three of today's most exciting technologies:

  • the laser beam, which can be focused to within thousandths of an inch;
  • the microcomputer, or intelligence on a chip the size of a fingernail;
  • ultra-high density storage (almost 30 billion bits of information) embedded on inexpensive molded-plastic discs.

What does the system do?
Attached to standard or projection television and high fidelity sound equipment, the DiscoVision system produces pre-recorded picture and stereophonic or bilingual sound of extremely high quality.
    By using the microcomputer, the DiscoVision system has a unique, important capability: "interactive programming," a new term that defines programming that responds differently to different viewers. Used as an instructional system, for example, the DiscoVision system can teach, test, and review material based on individual learning rates.

How does the system work?
Sound and picture are pre-recorded on the videodisc using high density, industrial recording and molding techniques.
    There are up to 54,000 tracks on a disc, separated by 65 millionths of an inch. Each track represents one picture frame. Sound and computer instructions are also recorded on the disc.
    The disc can be played on both industrial and consumer players. A helium0neon laser is used to "read" the information from the disc, spun on a turntable at 1800rpm.

How is the system programmed?
Using a hand-held remote controller and a simple push-button technique, the DiscoVision system can be programmed manually to locate any one of 54,000 numbered frames quickly. By pre-programming instructions, any choice of still frames or motion sequences can be called up automatically.

What about playback?
With the DiscoVision player, video images are produced in either high quality full-color or black and white through any standard television.
    DiscoVision discs feature 2-channel high fidelity audio, making possible either stereophonic sound, dual language or question-answer formats when played through any standard amplifier and speaker combination.

Are there any special operational feature?
Not only special, but unique. The DiscoVision system offers forward and reverse slow motion, freeze-frame, frame-by-frame viewing, selectable audio, forward and reverse scanning and direct automatic random access.

Are DiscoVision discs fragile to handle?
Not at all. DiscoVision discs are durable: the plastic surface of the disc protects the embedded information layer from dust, fingerprints, superficial scratches and other handling hazards. The discs can be stored, handled and mailed easily and safely.

What's the replay life?
Because the DiscoVision system utilizes a laser beam to sense the recorded information for playback there is no physical contact on the disc. No wear occurs which could degrade the disc or the quality of the information recorded on it. The 1,000th play of a DiscoVision disc will produce just as sharp and clear a picture as the first playback.

DiscoVision Player Features:
  • Direct automatic random access of over 54,000 still frames per side
  • Microprocessor memory system provides programmed control
  • High fidelity 2-channel audio
  • Computer port for flexibility in external control
  • Low powered laser light beam
DiscoVision Disc Features:
  • Up to one hour of color video play per disc
  • Durable, no-wear plastic surface

DiscoVision Applications

Elementary and secondary levelsColleges and universitiesProfessional schoolsPrivate SchoolsSchools for the disabledSummer sessions/special programsTeacher seminarsAdult education programs.
    The low cost, easy handling and distribution of DiscoVision discs make them ideal communication tools for education and training. Special departmental needs can be accomplished. Definitive curricula can be addressed in an efficient, inexpensive way. Self-instruction can be employed ant the user's pace with the DiscoVision disc's unique programming capabilities.

Point-of-PurchaseConventionsSeminars/workshopsTrade showsRetail outletsShowrooms
    Automatic access to specialized programming highlights promotional information dispensed at sales functions. Freeze-frame or slow motion features zero in to the sales promotion techniques that users wish to highlight. Easy, inexpensive, portable. A superb sales tool!

Corporate Communications
Executive training programs Personnel seminarsProfessional training clinicsDealer/headquarter communicationsSales management materialAnnual reportsConferences
    The DiscoVision system provides a communications network that brings varied divisions of corporate structure together in a pre-programmed manner. Management communicates. Staff communicates. The DiscoVision System is an excellent communications tool at all levels.

Write for titles that cover a wide range of entertainment and self-improvement instruction. Diversified and highly entertaining programming is available.

Specifications DiscoVision Model PR-7820
Length: 22.5" (57.2cm)
Width: 17.75" (45.1cm)
Height: 7.5" (19.1cm)
Weight: 54lbs (24.3kg)

Nominal Voltage: 115V
Operating Voltage Range: 95-130V
Power Consumption: 130 watts

Operating Temperature
Range: 45°-95°

Videodisc Requirements
Automatic selection of both Constant Angular Velocity (CAV) and Constant Linear Velocity (CLV)

Operational Features
Forward and Reverse Scan
Forward and Reverse Slow Motion
Frame Number Display
Individual Frame Access (5-sec. max. search time)
Selectable Audio

1024 bytes of non-volatile memory programmed manually or automatically by pre-programmed video discs

Format: NTSC 525 lines
30 Frames per sec.
Signal to noise ratio - greater than 40dB (CCIR weighted)

Number of channels: 2
Signal to Noise Ratio: 60dB (min)
Distortion: <0.5%
Frequency Range: 40-20KHz

Remote Control Range
Wireless Remote (infrared): 50ft
Wired Mode: 50 yds

Technical information is subject to change

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