MCA DiscoVision - the beginning of all optical consumer products including LaserDisc, Compact Disc, Computer CD-ROM, DVD and all of the various permeations of each.

On this web site, we provide in-depth information about the historic MCA DiscoVision Optical Videodisc System. The significance of MCA DiscoVision and its influence on the Home Video and Home Theater market can not be under emphasized. In addition to being the first consumer product to use a laser, DiscoVision offered an extensive library of inexpensive prerecorded programming for home viewing. DiscoVision also offered for the first time in any home, full stereo sound on a video program.

Almost 90% of US households have a VCR which have a built in home video marketplace. When MCA DiscoVision was introduced in December 1978, this marketplace did not exist in any form. MCA and its partner Philips NV, blazed a trail in an entirely new market. Not only were they introducing new playback hardware and software, but the very infrastructure to license programming, manufacture discs and distribute them to the consumer. Everything was invented as they went along, learning as they progressed. Despite the rocky road faced by both companies, obstacles became opportunities to succeed and a chance to improve the product.

DiscoVision persevered and became the LaserDisc format - and LaserDisc was to hold the title of the best home theater system available on the consumer market for nearly twenty years. Optical Disc technology lead to further refinements which allowed for the creation of the Compact Disc and through additional advancements in manufacturing and technology, the DVD.

This page is dedicated to that pioneering company and their software. Information on every title released on the DiscoVision, as well as articles, stories, personal observations and press releases are presented here. The search for information is always ongoing and any information on MCA DiscoVision and its history, will be beneficial to all. Please submit any information to DiscoVision c/o Blam Entertainment Group. It is our goal to make this web site the ultimate information source on this revolutionary - evolutionary - home entertainment medium.

Comments are always welcome, both good and bad. No question in your mind is unimportant and we will strive to answer all questions in a timely manner. If you do not find the answer you seek within these pages, feel free to ask.

Please note that none of the titles listed on this site are available for sale. All titles listed here have been out of print for well over 30 years. Any software listed here for sale is found on the "For Sale or Trade" or "Classified" pages.


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