Digital Audio Disc Corp
Sony - Austria

Location Salzburg, Austria
Operational Status LaserDisc Replication Off-Line

LaserDisc production began in June 1991 from Sony's DADC facility in Salzburg Austria. The discs produced by the DADC/Sony facility in Austria look exactly the same as those from the plant in the US, except for the minor variation as detailed in the image to the left, taken from the Columbia TriStar release of "The American President." Other than that, there is almost no similarity. Discs from the Austria plant seem to be constructed differently, with more care and dilligence. Transfers are generally clean and crisp. There is very little speckling, if any.

It has been reported that sometime during the first quarter of 1999, DADC Austira dismantled their LD pressing facility. This would go in line with the general disappearance of Columbia TriStar LaserDisc product completely. At the latest check of the DADC Austria web site, there is no mention of LaserDisc at all.

Updated: April 3, 2000
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