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March 31, 1979

Possibilities Are Limitless For Record Industry, Says MCA Label President

With the introduction of DiscoVision, MCA has not only ushered in an exciting new era in home entertainment, according to MCA Records president Bob Siner, but also expanded the creative possibilities for recorded music.

"Music has always been an important art form," says Siner. "And now, because of the amazing sound reproduction and visual impact of DiscoVision, it will be recognized as such.

"It's possible to program an entire evening's worth of entertainment. You can project a tranquil mood with a forest scene, lights and appropriate music; then you can turn around and spark the atmosphere with 30,000 people at a concert.

"Concerts will certainly be an important part of the video disc catalog, but you will also see music set to other things such as colors, landscapes and so forth. What we're talking about is a total entertainment concept."

Of course, Siner added, DiscoVision is the ideal vehicle for expanding the so-called "Concept" album. And with television viewing reportedly off by some 53%, he feels that it won't be long before DiscoVision steps in to fill the void.

While movies and instructional or "how-to" programs currently account for the vast majority of available video discs, Siner says more music software will be produced to coincide with the arrival of additional hardware. In the meantime, he says preliminary talks are underway with various labels to explore the possibility of increasing the present music disc repertoire.

DiscoVision software is a natural item to be marketed through record stores, according to Siner. "It looks, feels and is shaped like a record," he says. "So they display space is already built into the stores."

Siner maintains that DiscoVision will "complement conventional records and may even stimulate duplicate purchases.

"Our primary objective will always be to sell music," he continues. "If we can promote record sales through a visual medium, fine. The marketing possibilities are limitless."

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