MCA DiscoVision

Presented here is a section is a group of articles surrounding MCA DiscoVision and the origins of the Optical Video Disc. The articles were published in a variety of sources including press conferences, magazines and technical journals. Also included are articles written by noted authorities on MCA DiscoVision.

The MCA Disco-Vision System

The Record That Plays Pictures

American Cinematographer
MCA Demonstrates Disco-Vision
February 1973

American Film
Disc Fever
March 1979

Moving Carefully to Market
October 2, 1978

Cash Box
Sheinberg Discusses Past, Present, Future Of DiscoVision
March 31, 1979
DiscoVision: Bold New Dimension In Home Entertainment
March 31, 1979
Possibilities Are Limitless For Record Industry, Says MCA Label President
March 31, 1979
Year Round Release Of DiscoVision Software Will Take Up Slack Periods For Retail Accounts, Predicts Al Bergamo
March 31, 1979
Infinity Records President Alexenburg Calls DiscoVision Boon To Home Entertainment
March 31, 1979
DiscoVision A Natural Growth Area For Retail, Says Cohen
March 31, 1979
Capitol's Menon Ready To Meet Market Demand
March 31, 1979
Far Out's Gold Sees Major Impact For DiscoVision
March 31, 1979
Dallas Set As The Third Market For Magnavision Videodisc Player Set
December 15, 1979
Pioneer Electronics To Market Optical Laser Videodisc System In June
April 5, 1980
Videodisc Race Intensifies With Pioneer, Magnavox Debuts
October 18, 1980
Optical VideoDisc Association Formed
November 29, 1980
Videodisc Units Selling Well In Spite Of Software Ills
January 10, 1981
Paramount Pacts For Custom Video Disc Pressing With DiscoVision Assoc
May 16, 1981
DiscoVision Associates Sells UPC Interest To Pioneer Electronics
February 13, 1982
3M Buys Out Discovision Pilot Plant
June 12, 1982
Pioneer Laserdisc Program Signals Software Emphasis
September 25, 1982

Panorama TV
Videodisc Jockeying
February 1980
Now There are Three
July 1980
Fewer Bugs, More Flicks
August 1980

The Perfect Vision
Collecting DiscoVision
Fall 1991

Popular Electronics
Life with Videodiscs
March 1981

Popular Science
Here at Last-Videodisc Players
February 1977

Videodisc Mergers?
February 1979
Videodiscs on Sale
March 1979
April 1979
Videodisc Network
June 1979
Videodiscs rising
October 1979
3M into Videodiscs
November 1979
IBM into Videodiscs
December 1979

Record World
Pioneer Set To Acquire DiscoVision Pressing Plant
March 13, 1982

TIME Magazine
Video in the Round
October 20, 1975

TV Guide
Videodiscs are Coming
November 1978

The Videophile
Report from Japan
April/May 1981
Product Report: Pioneer VP-1000 Player
April/May 1981
The Videodisc Question
June/July 1981

Widescreen Review - Laser Magic 1998
World on a Silver Platter - History of Optical Disc

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