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May 16, 1981

Paramount Pacts For Custom Video Disc Pressing With DiscoVision Assoc.

LOS ANGELES — Paramount Home Video, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Paramount Pictures Corp., has signed a custom pressing agreement with DiscoVision Assoc, to produce a line of laser-optical videodiscs under the Paramount Home Video banner. U.S. Pioneer Corp. has been selected to distribute the line of discs to its network of approximately 1,700 retail outlets.

The initial eight titles under the contract, the first custom-pressing agreement for DiscoVision since the joint venture between MCA, Inc. and IBM was formed in September 1979, are scheduled tor release later this month. They include recent Academy Award winner for Best Picture, "Ordinary People," "Saturday Night Fever," "Star Trek — The Motion Picture," "Grease," "The Warriors," "Up In Smoke," "Charlotte's Web" and "Airplane!" "Saturday Night Fever," "Grease" and "Star Trek" will all be available in stereo.

Following releases for the months of June and July include "Popeye," "The Elephant Man," "Urban Cowboy," "Starting Over" and "The Godfather." Slated for release throughout the remainder of the year are "The Longest Yard," "Death Wish," "Chinatown," "Barbarella," "Heaven Can Wait," "North Dallas Forty," "Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown," "American Gigolo," "Foul Play," "King Kong," "War of the Worlds" and "The Godfather, Part II," among others.

Suggested retail pricing tor single disc titles from Paramount will be $29.95, while double disc titles will carry a $35.95 list. All of Paramount’s titles will be available in the extended play “CLV" mode.

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