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December 15, 1979

Dallas Set As The Third Market For Magnavision Videodisc Player Set

LOS ANGELES — Dallas has been slated as the third introductory market for the Magnavision Optical Videodisc player. The players became available to consumers through local outlets on Dec. 7.

The Magnavision player, which utilizes an optical laser system to "read" both picture and sound on a 12-inch disc, made its debut in Atlanta a year ago and was introduced to the Seattle-Tacoma market in May of this year.

The player will continue to sell for a suggested retail price of $775. Dealers carrying the Magnavision player, as well as the MCA DiscoVision discs, include Sanger Harris, Joske’s, Rick Furniture, Boyd's Good Housekeeping Shops, Orion Magnavox, Inman’sTelevision and Dillard’s Department Store.

According to Kenneth Ingram, senior vice president of sales and marketing for the Magnavox Consumer Electronics Co., Dallas was selected as the third market for the player following Magnavox' research of owners in the Atlanta area. Ingram stated that 1/3 of all Magnavision systems owners in the Atlanta market owned video cassette recorders as well, indicating little conflict between the video cassette recorder and the disc player.

“Dallas residents have a high disposable income, and there are a large number of high income families,” Ingram said. “Also, there is a high color TV penetration, and the sophistication of the Dallas market suggests a good match between the highly sophisticated electronics offered by the player and the potential Dallas area buyer.”

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