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November 29, 1980

Optical VideoDisc Association Formed

LOS ANGELES - Frank L. Randall, vice chairman of North American Philips Corp., announced the formation of the LaserVision Assn., Inc., a trade association created "to further consumer awareness and understanding of the capabilities, characteristics and advantages of the reflective laser optical video -disc system," at a press conference here Nov. 20.

The LaserVision Assn. is comprised of four charter member companies: Discovision Associates, Magnavox Consumer Electronics Co., MCA DiscoVision, Inc. and U.S. Pioneer Electronics Corp. A four - person board of directors has also been set, which includes James N. Fiedler, MCA DiscoVision president; Ken Kai, U.S. Pioneer Electronics Corp. executive vice president; and Jack Reilly, DiscoVision Associates. Reilly was named chairman of the association.

The LaserVision trademark and logo, to be carried on all reflective laser optical videodisc players and discs, was introduced at the press conference. Trade association chairman Reilly noted that the trademark and logo were created "in order to emphasize the compatibility of products within the system."

MCA Discovision's Fiedler indicated that more than 175 titles presently exist in MCA's disc catalog, "from the original Frankenstein to the Blues Brothers to ABBA," and that the company is now in the process of turning out "interactive discs created specifically for our system." The first such disc, "How To Watch Professional Football," produced by Optical Program Associates, was demonstrated by Norman Glenn, MCA DiscoVision.

It was also announced by Fiedler that "Cheech And Chong's Next Movie" would be the first title released in MCA DiscoVision's CLV, or extended play, format.

Steve Schiffer, Columbia Pictures Home Entertainment vice president and general manager, announced that during the first quarter of 1981, 10 Columbia feature film titles, including "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind," "The Deep," "The Man Who Fell To Earth" and "Gimme Shelter," among others, will be released in optical laser videodisc configuration under a custom pressing agreement. More titles are slated to be announced throughout 1981.

While Randall admitted that "we've had some problems" during the national rollout of the optical laser videodisc system, (which now includes some 46 cities) he said that a LaserVision Standards and Consumer Quality Control committee has been set up to cope with and rectify technological problems with the system.

The association will be "temporarily headquartered in New York City," according to chairman Reilly, until a permanent headquarters is found.

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