MCA DiscoVision

December 1979

Looking Ahead
IBM into Videodiscs
by David Lachenbruch

Mighty IBM has formed a partnership with MCA Inc. to develop and manufacture videodiscs. The new joint venture, DiscoVision Associates, takes over MCA's optical videodisc plant in California as well as its 50% ownership in Universal Pioneer, the Japanese company that manufactures optical videodisc players. MCA will continue to market videodiscs for both the player made by Universal Pioneer and the one made by Magnavox. IBM says its primary intent isn't in the consumer market at the present time, and it's understood to believe that the disc is ideally adaptable to many different information-handling applications, including - but certainly not limited to - entertainment. The formation of DiscoVision Associates, with IBM as a partner, appears to assure the development of the optical disc into a major product for commercial, industrial and educational as well as entertainment use.

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