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March 31, 1979

Far Out's Gold Sees Major Impact For DiscoVision

"I think that DiscoVision is going to make as dynamic an impact on the overall music business in the '80s as the 33 1/3 rpm record did in the '50s," predicts Steve Gold, partner in Far Out Productions.

Gold feels that DiscoVision will afford to artists with a visual as well as a musical impact an additional avenue of exposure. He believes the primary function of DiscoVision will be entertainment, with the artist exploring new avenues of creativity. "Like with anything else, true artistry will sustain," he says.

"Until you've got more players out there you're dealing in a theoretical exercise," said Gold. "It's having the hardware in the hands of the consumer that is going to give the thing its first real value."

Gold went on to say that once there is a saturation in hardware, DiscoVision will have a profound impact on the television industry. He also mentioned that when the saturation occurs, a specific audience will be reached rather than a pablumized general audience. He said that once that happens the dynamics of the medium will be improved.

"The intent of TV today is to make everything bland so nobody will be offended," declared Gold. "DiscoVision will change that by offering (pure) entertainment."

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